R. Lee Moore, Sr. is a leading marketing marketing and public relations consultant.

He designs and maintains his own web and print marketing materials through his company The ALPHAOMEGA Group, marketing, management and consulting. He has written and lectured nationally for corporate firms, religious institutions and community organizations.

Ron, a dynamic and energetic person who has under girded several start-up companies providing critical marketing and promotional services, is an intellectual magnet that sees "diamonds" in the midst of "coals".He is the founder The ALPHA Center, a training and motivational non profit in Philadelphia. Ron's leadership qualifications and abilities transcends political and religious parameters.

R. Lee Moore, Sr. has his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Louisville, Kentucky and a BFA in Graphic Design from Philadelphia College of Art, now University of the Arts. Presently he resides in Montgomery county in the Philadelphia area.

"This book is dedicated to all those
I have met on this journey,
some who have tremendously
cared for me,
others who have seriously
challenged me,
and even for those who sought to
do me harm.

Without each person I have met
and experience I have had,
I would have never paused
to express extreme gratitude,
explore the depths of forgiveness,
nor learn to patiently wait and trust in
Him whom I call Jah,
Father, The Almighty and
Creator of the Universe;
the Source of Life for all." 

—R. Lee